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RDS Surveyor, Java-based Radio Data System decoding software

RDS Surveyor is being developed by Christophe Jacquet, a French radio ehtusiast, also known as F8FTK in the ham radio community.

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Samples and experiments


This page lets you download real samples of RDS data, for testing and education purposes. These are short excerpts, at most 60 seconds long.


Radio Amitié
Very simple signal, only 0A groups. Algthough receiving quality is poor, RDS Surveyor manages to synchronize and extract essential information very quickly.
Radio Star
Simple signal with radiotext.
France Info
Complex signal with lots of EON information and clock time.
Autoroute Info
Contains TMC/Alert-C traffic information.
Espace 2
Complex signal with EON, in-house data, clock time, TMC/Alert-C traffic information and radiotext.

Legal notice

I am convinced that it is perfectly legal for me to release this samples, as:

If by any chance you are a broadcaster and object against releasing the samples of the RDS data of one of your stations, please drop me an e-mail, and I will remove the samples straight away.

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